Astronomia album interview - OWM album show 



I recently had my album, Astronomia, reviewed and presented by OWMR on an album show featuring three of my songs from it. I also had an interview done discussing briefly an overview of the album plus some interesting back stories behind each song. The interview is available below for your reading pleasure.


Album Show introduced by Chrissie

Welcome to the album show here on One World Music Radio with me Chrissie Sheppard, where I’m talking to Arrizza about his latest album Astronomia…

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Hello everyone!

Well I don't blog all the time but when I always try to post something interesting, I will make my best effort to do so. So, what's been going on in Arrizza's world? Well, it's been, for lack of a better term, COLD! - Yes, winters have been best spent indoors sipping on hot cocoa and watching Netflix lol…not always. But, time spent indoors have been quite productive for me as I have been busy in my project studio continuing to compose more music. 

As you all may know, I have released my album…

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Arrizza interview - 2022 edition 

About a decade ago, I joined the musician social media website called Fandalism and uploaded a few of my videos. I also entered an self-interview which is seriously outdated. Unfortunately I no longer have access to Fandalism so I figured I would update the already published interview and keep it up to snuff. Feel free to read through and get to know a little bit more of myself as an artist and person, enjoy!

How long have you been playing? 

I have always had a devoted interest in the arts and music since

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My 2018 Andy Culpepper Spanish guitar #92 | In the making | PART 3 

Made it to Andy's shop! - getting excited with my guitar bud, Victor Tarassov (photo shot)

LOOK! It's my Andy guitar,- HAHA


just kidding - now HERE's my Andy Culpepper #92 - standing to the man right next to me on the right

Taking in THE MOMENT

Andy Culpepper flamenco blanca cutaway - #92
with European spruce top supported by Sitka spruce-made braces, Alaskan cypress for back & sides

Rosette design matches with the tie block - nice!

Gerundino-style headstock carving (it's sooo beautiful) - rubner tuners…

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My 2018 Andy Culpepper Spanish guitar #92 | In the making | PART 2 

                                                                      design for the custom rosette - some math

I dreamed of having a guitar with my own specs and attention to detail. One of those customized things is the rosette design. For this, I went to my roots and decided on a traditional Greek key styling which derived from the Classical Age of Hellenistic art. The Greek key, known as a "Meandros" in Greek, which represents the idea of infinity and Unity. For this build, I wanted to go with a…

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My 2018 Andy Culpepper Spanish guitar #92 | In the making... 

Inside of guitar (with a sound port)

i'm sharing my first experience with having a custom-built Spanish guitar commissioned by American luthier, Andy Culpepper. 


Celebrating its first year of birth, "La Greca" (feminine form of "the Greek one"). He is an amazing guitar builder from Ithaca, NY who builds his guitars with the traditional Spanish construction. His years of luthiery skill and knowledge of the tonewoods has produced a beautiful and full-sounding Spanish guitar that has a lot of power and…

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Earth Hour 2018 - Turn Up The Dark 


Last year, the world collaborated together to send a powerful message in response to climate change. Musicians from near and far participated in their own way with live performances in a special "Turn Up The Dark" online presentation for Earth Hour. In the spirit of Earth Hour, I held a successful live performance "by candlelight" with only my guitar.

I felt it was a great idea, so once again I will be hosting an online live performance during Earth Hour via streaming on…

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Arrizza - on the airwaves (One World Music Radio) 

"Arrizza" - featured on One World Music Radio


I've recently been having my music featured on the radio waves, especially on the online radio station, One World Music Radio! (Show #66 and #68), hosted by Andy Rogers - "One World, Once Voice". It's been a true honor to have my own music shared across the globe and reaching out to all the listeners out there! I can only hope that it may bring a sense of "Peace, Love & Joy" into their lives...

(Special thanks to Andy Rogers and to Steve and Chrissie Shepperd…

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Summer News - 2017 

Summer News

Summer is officially here! - festivals, fairs and much more musica goin' on - It's already been quite a busy month so far, here's what's been happening!

Recent performances

Lately I've been sharing the stage alongside NJ Spanish guitar wizard, Victor Tarassov, at some familiar locales. We've recently been performing at the lovely Iron Plow vineyards located in the lovely farmland area of Columbus, NJ. Great folks and warm hospitality! Here are a couple of snapshots from a few of the recent shows…

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Earth Hour - TURN UP THE DARK 


What a funtastic event this turned out to be! - On Saturday March 25, I participated on a live musical online event that permeated the globe with as much as 15,393 facebook pages donating their live feed towards the cause. Eco-conscious musicians from near and far joined in to perform some music for Earth Hour by candlelight and it was quite a success!

It was rather interesting as this was a first-time for me doing a live video streaming performance in…

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