Arrizza - Under the Stars - live at South Country library

On Friday October 13, 2023, I had the pleasure of performing “Arrizza - Under the Stars” at the South Country library in Bellport, NY. This was the same program from the planetarium show that was held this past May (read the earlier blog post for more on it) with minor changes. This was the non-planetarium format as the awesome facilities of the planetarium obviously was not available at my disposal, I used my own visuals and lighting and well as special effects for it. It was yet again another success as it went off without any issues. It was an hour of moody and thought-provoking spectacular complete with some of the best in synthesizer music. Accompanying the show were stunning visuals that was painstakingly produced which was projected onto the screen, moody lighting and mesmerizing lasers that I also provided along with atmospheric haze to add to the vibe of the show. It created a one-of-a-kind and unique audiovisual multimedia experience that wowed the audience and kept them wanting more. I was taken back as I received not one, but TWO, standing ovations! Afterwards, I got to meet folks from the audience and talked to them for nearly 20 minutes, sold a couple copies of my Astronomia album and even saw a few friends whom attended. 

 Here is the video of the entire performance, enjoy!

I would like to thank music director and coordinator, Sean McDonald, and the staff of South Country library for making this event possible!

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